Dawie Bornman (31)

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Dawie Bornman (31)

Senior lecturer, researcher and postgraduate supervisor in the Department of Business Management, University of Pretoria

“Don’t die with your music still inside you” is the motto that motivates Dawie Bornman to “think bigger, and never stop pursuing” his dreams.

As senior lecturer, researcher and post-graduate supervisor in the department of business management at the University of Pretoria, Dawie teaches Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMME) development projects at the Mamelodi Business Clinic and the South African Creative Industries Council (SACII) which structured to empower, develop and build a framework that covers all topics critical to establish, manage and grow a small business.

With a doctorate in communications management, Bornman uses his teaching to introduce unique creative methods for learning integration through music, visual arts, movement-based techniques and illustrations. He believes conveying a message in ways that are “outside the box” sparks inspiration in others and helps transfer academic information into practical understanding.

“I challenge myself by thinking and designing different approaches to my teaching that takes students out of their comfort zones and makes them realise they are capable of far more than they realised,” says Dawie.

“This approach, along with trans-disciplinary integration — such as bringing practical creative arts into pure academic situations — helps me foster newfound appreciation into aspects which students previously would have viewed as dull. Teaching and learning remains professional, but becomes fun, for me and for the students.”

Dawie has been a guest lecturer at various international universities, including Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Austria and Karel de Grote University College in Belgium, focusing on business leadership and entrepreneurship in emerging markets — specifically South Africa.

“These experiences keep me on the forefront of what is being focused on in academia on an international level. I’m constantly finding aspects I can then back to integrate into my teaching and learning approaches in the South African landscape.” Bornman also collaborates with Smart Global Training Academy and Biz Skills, assisting school pupils and teachers with professional development aligned with the South African Council for Educators.

“The project gives me better understanding of what is currently going on in the school system, and prepares me for when a new generation learner becomes a student at higher education level.” — Linda Doke

Instagram: @dawiebornman