Jeshika Ramchund, PrEng (32)

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Jeshika Ramchund, PrEng (32)

Senior engineer, Developments, Bosch Projects (Pty) Ltd

Jeshika Ramchund is a professional civil engineer with a BSc in civil engineering from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She is a member of the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) Young Professionals Forum (YPF) Steering Committee and is the chairperson of the GAMA (Group of African Member Associations of FIDIC) Young Professionals Forum. She has been chairperson of the YPF, a council and board member for several years and is committed to enhancing the roles of young professionals in the consulting engineering space.

“My dad worked in construction and exposed me to his world from a young age and I was fascinated by engineering drawings and specifications,” says Ramchund. “What frustrated me was that at the construction stage, there wasn’t room for many creative or functional changes. I then learned about the built environment and knew that this is what I wanted as a career.”

Ramchund received a scholarship from the Construction Industry Education and Training Services for her studies and then took on a series of roles that allowed her to enhance her skills and reputation in the industry. Then she was given the opportunity to blend technical expertise with project management experience on a large water and sanitation project. “I knew that my career would take a different path at this point,” she says. “I have been at Bosch Projects for just over two years and gained a wealth of experience. On the academic front I would like to complete my master’s degree in environmental engineering and then extend my studies to a PhD. I believe that professional excellence can only be achieved when practical experience and academia meet minds.”

Ramchund has a passion for empowering women in the industry, helping them to grow and share their knowledge and experience with one another. “In consulting engineering our challenges are different and we lack an accessible mechanism for women to converse on the successes and challenges faced, coping mechanisms and a safe space to share ideas. My aim is to create that space and encourage these conversations.”— Tamsin Oxford

Twitter: @Jeshikarm