Nas Hoosen (30)

2018 Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans

Arts & Entertainment

Nas Hoosen (30)

Writer, comic creator and illustrator

Pixar’s Up is Nas Hoosen’s favourite animation. The film explores the anxiety of getting old, regret, and the realisation that life does not always go as we planned it.

“The first 10 minutes of the movie make you cry. I know animated movies generally get written off, but there is just so much to them.”

It is therefore no surprise that according to him, the main ingredient to any good story is the feelings it elicits, more than the ideas it seeks to communicate. “Stories remind us that feelings and a sense of vulnerability matter.”

Hoosen was a finalist in a Disney/Triggerfish Story Lab screenwriting program, which gave him the rare opportunity to be behind the scenes at Disney and Pixar Animation in Los Angeles, where he was given an opportunity to further hone his craft with the biggest and most influential names in the international film industry.

Hoosen has been writing since he was very young. When he was reading comics as a child he had no idea this could be something he could do professionally.

To date, his illustrations have been published in Phumlani Pikoli’s collection of short stories The Fatuous State of Severity, and he has given talks on comics and visual storytelling at various art spaces in South Africa. He is in residency as a comics artist at the Arteles Centre in Finland. — Nomonde Ndwalaza

Social media : @naswho