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Tyler Hollingsworth (28)

Founder, Aspire Atlantic

Tyler Hollingsworth is the co-founder of Aspire Atlantic which serves as an educational consultancy organisation that helps others fulfill their potential. His agency provides sporting academic scholarships and opportunities for young people who want to further themselves abroad.

He believes that South Africa has some of the world’s best and smartest students. “When you are able to make these kids’ dreams a reality and change their lives forever, that is the most gratifying experience imaginable.”
Having grown up in Johannesburg, he was selected to attend football trials at Bolton Wanderers FC in the UK at the age of 16. Despite not being signed, he interacted with elite and professional players who inspired him to pursue a career abroad. After receiving a football scholarship in 2006 to the USA, he completed a BSc Finance degree at Gannon University. With two more years working in Pittsburgh for a national insurance company, he returned to South Africa in 2015 and started Aspire Atlantic agency. Opportunities such as these enabled him to secure a better future and he was determined to give back.

Working alongside inspired colleagues who are passionate and personally invested in each of their students inspires him greatly. He wants to continue to identify problems and create lasting solutions in the improvement of others’ lives. His mother, Debbie Copeman also inspires him. Her tenacity and strength in raising children as a single mother while working on her own dreams helped to shape him as an individual too.

His journey continues to have its highs and lows. He is first to admit that self-confidence is something he continuously works on as he grows as an entrepreneur and leader. He believes that a lack of confidence is one of the biggest killers of ambition in society. Reading books by Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Gregory David Roberts, setting goals as well as learning to meditate and focus his thoughts helps him to pursue his dreams as he continues to help others.

Hollingsworth notes that lack of education is a key issue which continues to persist to this day. Aspire Atlantic will help people to go beyond their limitations. “The world is a big place with so much potential, why not explore it and use your talents to take you there? Every day we help students pursue those opportunities, and we hope that they will use their newly acquired skills and put them to good use by coming back to South Africa and assist others.” — Leigh Wils

Instagram: @tyler.tiggs