Avesh Moodley (33)

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Avesh Moodley (33)

Avesh Moodley (33)

Vice President, Environmental Sustainability, Absa Group Limited 

My plan for the future is to ensure that we have a pipeline of young talent or planet champions.

At 33 years of age, Aveshen Moodley is the youngest vice president at Absa globally. He currently heads up sustainability with a focus on energy, waste, water, paper, group travel and carbon emissions across all 12 African countries where the bank has presence. He leads the group’s environmental sustainability agenda with a focus on operational efficiency, environmental impact reduction, increased resilience and improved governance.

“I am passionate about making a positive impact on the planet and imparting the knowledge I have learned,” he says.

“Seeing the change in a person on a project is extremely rewarding and fuels my ambitions. I have been with the organisation for around seven years now and my role has evolved continuously, around the same agenda.”

Moodley, who was born and raised in Umhlatuzana township near Chatsworth in Durban, is accountable for governing and reducing the environmental impact of the Absa’s property portfolio and associated business travel. With this accountability and his engineering background in mind, he provides solutions that reduce environmental impact while improving commercial efficiency and building resilience.

“I host many tours to internal and external colleagues on the projects as it raises awareness around what is possible if we apply our minds,” he says.

“There are people who are concerned about the environment but are not sure what to do – when they see these projects, they are inspired to unlock innovation.”

In this topical and relevant sector, Moodley, armed with his engineering qualification from Durban University of Technology, plans to be a continuous advocate for sustainability. He feels he is incredibly lucky to work for a company that shares his passion and this agenda.

“I recently set an environmental strategy and targets for 2030 which are internationally aggressive and will place Absa as a leader in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” he concludes. “My plan for the future is to ensure that we have a pipeline of young talent or planet champions to ensure that someone is always here to play this vital role.” – Tamsin Oxford

LinkedIn: Aveshen Moodley