Ayanda Magida (31)

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Ayanda Magida (31)

Ayanda Magida (31)

Researcher, Wits Business School

Thirty-one-year-old researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand, Ayanda Magida, oversees and manages the research portfolio in the Chair of Digital Business at the Wits Business School (WBS), and she is responsible for driving the research agenda and coordinating the school’s master’s and PhD research programmes. Her own current research focuses on the future of work, the social and economic effects of digitalisation and digital inclusion, and on the digital financial inclusion in Africa.

The initiative 4IRSA, seeks to proactively facilitate a discussion on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As part of the operations committee in 4IRSA, Magida is responsible for the development and implementation of its research agenda in line with five themes: the future of work; inequality in society; state and citizenry; future opportunities; and critical success factors.

Further to this, she is part of the WBS ethics committee which oversees and ensure that all research conducted by the students meets the ethical considerations of research. Her PhD research was on the political economy of the digital divide in South Africa which has the potential to contribute to the academic understanding of the digital divide in the African context.

Magida notes that strides have been made in as far transformation and inclusion of Black women in academia is concerned in the higher education sector through the Department of Higher Education and training new generation of academics programme which is facilitating the inclusion of previously disadvantaged groups into academia.

But Magida is not only office bound. Her hobbies include travelling, hiking and reading books that offer pragmatic insights into doing things better. — Welcome Lishivha 

Twitter: @ayanda_magida