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Linford Molaodi (27)

Linford Molaodi (27)

Teacher and Executive Director, TeaSterl Projects

I would like to see the learners under my mentorship become critical, responsive and active participants of the South African society

Linford Molaodi won the national best teacher award in the excellence in ICT-enhanced learning and teaching category at the Department of Basic Education competition in 2019 and the Limpopo teaching awards in 2018. He teaches physical science to Grade 10, 11 and 12 pupils at Masemola High School in Ga-Masemola, Limpopo and his awards attest to his incredible passion for his occupation.

Molaodi has launched multiple initiatives in his home province, working hard to deepen learning and build networks on a shoestring budget. He is one of the founding members of the non-profit organisation TeaSterl Projects that is dedicated to advancing teaching in rural settings, and he actively serves as a consultant in his district.

“I am inspired when I see the impact that I have on the lives of my learners, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds,” he says.

“The excitement of seeing them succeed and collect accolades in tertiary institutions adds flavour to my community development projects. I am also inspired by the teachers who change their practices through my teacher development training.”

Today, Molaodi works with teachers to infuse technology-driven tools into their teaching methodologies. He also supports learners in rural villages by providing them with intensive career guidance and sustained mentorship.

“I would like to see the learners under my mentorship become critical, responsive and active participants of the South African society,” he adds. “I also want them to become part of my projects in community development. My goal is to adopt five or more rural and underachieving schools that can serve as our model schools and to give these children intensive career development opportunities.”

Molaodi is inspired by his TeaSterl Projects team as they all share similar life philosophies and overcame difficult challenges in their childhoods. He was also inspired by his university lecturers, Dr Jacqueline Batchelor, Dr Anasthacia Buma and Mphiriseni Khwanda as they believed in his work.

“For every solution we bring, we must have the intention of bringing about a peaceful society, one that lives with the spirit of ubuntu,” concludes Molaodi. “No pride, arrogance, racism, tribalism, sexism and xenophobia – just working towards achieving goals and using our gifts to find solutions.”  — Tamsin Oxford

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