Khulekani Dumisa (32)

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Khulekani Dumisa (32)

Khulekani Dumisa (32)

Founder and Journalist, Khulekani on Wheels

I hope to help grow our economy and create opportunities for others

Enterprising 32-year-old Khulekani Dumisa has created a career for himself that many will envy – he gets to drive new cars for a living.

He’s broken into the elite world of motoring journalism through the back door, by setting up his own website entitled Khulekani on Wheels. It’s become a platform that the car industry can’t ignore, backed up by social media coverage on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with a combined monthly reach of over 300 000 views.

Last year he was asked to join the judging panel for the awards, and he’s recruited six other motoring enthusiasts for his team and hired a motoring journalism intern.

Technically Dumisa is a lawyer, he studied at the universities of KwaZulu-Natal and Witwatersrand, specialising in banking and financial markets law; and he may return to the profession one day. Right now though, he’s following a different calling: “I am exploring a new career and answering the call of entrepreneurship. I hope to help grow our economy and create opportunities for others,” he says.

“If this dream comes true and what we are building succeeds, part of the growth would be to groom a successor. That will allow me to go back to law. To teach possibly. Maybe I’ll start another venture. The prospects in this country are exciting.”

Not many young people enjoy the same opportunities, he says, which is why he challenged himself to start a business that can generate jobs. He aims to hone Khulekani on Wheels into a leading social media-based motoring platform and to grow as an entrepreneur.

“I wish to create opportunities for writers, journalists, photographers, videographers and other creatives who are passionate about motoring to realise their dreams by creating some of the best work the industry has ever seen,” he says.

It’s also fulfilling his own dreams, of course, because he’s passionate about cars. “I am immensely privileged to experience different cars, almost on a weekly basis, that every car lover dreams about,” he says. “As much as people love all sorts of cars, the average person usually has to make a call on one car. I consider it my calling to arm the consumer with pertinent information so they are informed.”

He know that people spend hours conducting online research and wade through masses of information.

“We simplify the information and make it relatable. This empowers the consumer with their decision-making and makes the information readily available to them,” he says. – Lesley Stones