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Ongeziwe Zondani (31)

Ongeziwe Zondani (31)

Live Sports Content Producer

There’s no room to be easily offended in a male-dominated industry.

Ongeziwe Zondani is a live television content producer with Supersport, a job she’s dreamed of landing since childhood.

“I’m a daddy’s girl — he loves sport, so it has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up in Qhuggwarhu village in the Eastern Cape, our Sundays after church revolved around sport. First there’d be netball, followed by soccer, and then rugby would wrap the day. That’s where my love for sport comes from,” she explains.

Before joining Supersport, Zondani was a part-time switchboard operator for an investment company while she completed her journalism studies through Rosebank College.

Her love for sport and storytelling work in unison in her job as content producer, in which she creates storylines and puts together shows that tell a story. But her job has been so much more than that. When she arrived at Supersport as an intern 11 years ago, she would never have dreamed that she would work on seven Afcons, two Football World Cups as an assistant producer and one Rugby World Cup.

Being a woman in a male-dominated profession is not easy. Zondani says women have to work so much harder to achieve recognition.

“I’m constantly faced with the stereotypical ‘you’re a woman, what do you know about sport?’ attitude. But I know what I’m doing, and I enjoy proving a point. I thrive in my work environment. Importantly, there’s no room to be easily offended in a male-dominated industry — there’s no time to cry or call for special treatment. Instead, you need to swallow the pain, get on with the job and deliver an exceptional product. I find my job so rewarding. Its challenges and the experiences they come with enable me to grow daily,” she says.

Recently Zondani was videotape director on the first-ever all-women crew that produced a Nedbank Cup quarter final production.

“Lately, more and more women are entering the sports broadcasting industry and flourishing. It’s fantastic to see. We women make things happen — we are life-givers, after all. Let the games continue!”— Linda Doke

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