Nekhamah Magabane (30)

2019 Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans

Business & Entrepreneurship

Nekhamah Magabane (30)

Nekhamah Magabane (30)

Restaurant owner and manager, Conscious 108

"I think it is incredibly important that people remember to be kind to themselves – there is only one of you."

Thirty-year-old Nekhamah Magabane is the owner of a neat and on-trend vegan restaurant in Greenside, Johannesburg, called Conscious 108. It has been a successful endeavour for more than five years and Magabane regularly runs events designed to spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle. The restaurant is her passion project and one that she fervently believes in.

“I love food and creating beautiful looking food,” says Magabane. “With my restaurant, I hope I am able to show people how healthy and cruelty-free food does not have to be plain and boring. It can be beautiful and fun and delicious.”

Inspired by her love of food and her family and community, Magabane is aiming to take her vegan restaurant into a franchise model. She wants to expand its reach and its availability across the country and showcase how vegan can be just as tasty and accessible as any other type of food.

“I also want to build an education centre that teaches people about the importance of being vegan and the benefits of this healthy way of eating and living,” she says. “It is an important part of taking care of yourself and your body.”

Throughout her journey to restaurant success, Magabane has been supported by her African Hebrew family, her community and her husband, Moroko Wiseman.

“He has been there through the ups and the downs, the emotional breakdowns and the breakthroughs,” she says. “For anyone who plans on exploring their own passions and dreams, I advise them to never let other people or situations stop them. It is also important that you plan and execute carefully – be consistent in your work. Finally, I also think it is incredibly important that people remember to be kind to themselves – there is only one of you.” – Tamsin Oxford

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