Tumisho Ntsoane (25)

2019 Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans

Business & Entrepreneurship

Tumisho Ntsoane (25)

Tumisho Ntsoane (25)

Farmer, Tetengwane Boerdery

“I am inspired by life and I fundamentally believe that I need to make a difference.”

Twenty-five-year-old Tumisho Ntsoane is an academic, entrepreneur and an inspiration to the people in his community. When he started his business, Tetengwane Broedery, a farm with broiler chickens and Dorper sheep, many people were baffled by his decision. They weren’t sure what place it had or whether or not it would be a success. Today, the company is thriving and is a highly professional, successful company that he built from the ground up without any formal funding. Ntsoane put his back into creating something out of nothing, and he succeeded.

“I am inspired by life and I fundamentally believe that I need to make a difference,” says Ntsoane. “I am a farmer and, to me, farming is my God-given talent that allows me to provide food and employment to people. My goal is become a commercial farmer so I can make an even more significant contribution towards my community, job creation and food production.”

Ntsoane has been an inspiration to the youth in his village, they aspire to do big things thanks to his mentorship and passion. He has planted the seeds of hope and passion into the hearts of those who live in his community.
“I want to take my company, Tetengwane Broedery, into the large commercial agribusiness arena over the next 10 years,” he adds. “It is something that I am incredibly excited and passionate about.”

When asked who has inspired and supported him as he’s built his business from scratch, Ntsoane replies: “My mother. She supported my decision to use the money she saved for tuition fees to start my company instead. She trusted in my vision and I was only 18 years old at the time. I say to all young South Africans looking to follow their dreams that they find their passion and remember that this passion fuels life.” – Tamsin Oxford

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